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Spring colors

Spring colors are always very predictable. Pastels are always in this palette for one. As are nautical hues; navy and (off) white, preferably in a stripe. I love them both. Baby blues, soft pink or yellow and stripes are all accounted for in my closet. Lavender will always be missing, not sure why but that has never been my thing.

What are the “new” spring colors you may wonder? As we all know, it’s never new just recycled. They are very obvious and fun when entering any store at the moment. They are bright! Grass green, hot pink, bright orange and fluorescent yellow. Love, love, love. I still think these should be winter colors to brighten up gloomy days. These colors are also not just accent colors; we are talking whole entire suits. You may also color block any of the above mentioned. Hot pink or fuchsia is fire with orange for example. Whatever floats your boat!

The complete opposite of the previous color scheme are the neutrals. They are out there in full force as well. Mostly in sheer versions. I will need a little tan before I will rock these colors, although a little self tanner goes a long way. Even neutrals will vary from white to beige, off white or sand. These too may be mixed and matched. Different textures are also great with these colors. Try an off white patent leather skirt with a loose knitted beige sweater; never fails!

One surprise out there, at least to me, is red. I somehow do associate this with the holidays. Silly, since it looks great any time of the year and compliments any skin color. Zara has an amazing line of solid reds. Now these can also be paired with hot pinks but in this case I will recommend wearing red solo. There’s a certain level of sophistication to this color. I love wearing my red suit in my corporate setting, clashing with all the grays and blah-ness.

What I did overlook is that the brights can be matched with the neutrals. Khaki and bright yellow works amazingly well together, as does the hot pink with off whites. Fair game this spring everyone. Enjoy!

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