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Spring trends 2023

While a snow storm is looming, I am prepping for Spring. Because which ever way you turn it; it will be here in a few weeks. And I, for one, can’t wait!

The good news is: anything goes! Brights, neutrals, baggy, oversized or skin tight. It seems to be fair game. Even better; some of my faves have made a comeback. Cargo pants and wide legged jeans for example. And my favorite color: grass green. Other favorites continue to linger another season, like pleather anything and moto jackets.

Cargo pants maybe a bit tricky at our age since they work best with crop tops. The key is to do just that: a cropped top that lands right on the waist line or slightly above it. It should preferably be tight to off set the baggy pants. Cargos come in denim, neutrals and the amazing bright colors of this season. I’m going to opt for neutrals for the cargo trend. On my wish list: a H&M off white denim version.

I will stick with pants for this edition of Spring previews. Jeans to be specific. All bets are off when it comes to styles and washes. Skinnies are still not completely frowned upon although the youth seems to sport more straight leg and ironically, baggy mom jeans. High waisted or low rises. Anything goes. I despise the term “age appropriate” but in this case I would opt for high waisted baggy jeans. I am a firm believer in accenting the waist line, therefore opt for shorter tops or body suits to keep the focus on the waist. These jeans look great with sneaks or heels.

If you are not ready to ditch your skinnies for wide legs just yet then transition to bells first. I am a huge fan! They elongate the leg and make any booty look fab. I personally have not gotten 100% into wearing sneakers with flairs. I like wearing them with open toed booties or a funky heel. Force of habit! Same rule here though: accent on the waist line. No matter what size you are. Skinny Jeans vs. Flares

I look forward to Spring regardless but this fashion forecast makes it even more exciting. So much more to talk about. Stay tuned!

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