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Men VS Women

I know I am a bit off topic today. Please bear with me or skip this one until the next Ordinary review.

As I get older I have become more aware of the way a women’s brain works vs our male counterparts. The question on my mind is if God’s just laughing his ass off up there about this twisted joke he’s playing on us. He knows we will never understand each other and there fore also never truly 100% see eye to eye.

The younger me brushed it off as men being men, the more mature me feels more that a man should adjust to my craziness. I have compromised to please them long enough. You know the book “women are from Venus…” is written by a man right?

The author of this bestseller states that men want to feel needed rather than cherished. I call BS on that. Personal opinion: we need you to take the garbage out, to change a lightbulb or to give us a back rub. I will let that sink in for a second. Do we want to feel “cherished” ? If that means feel safe and respected then yes. If that means appreciated and recognized, also yes indeed.

The answer does not lie in same sex marriages as my queer bestie will let me know. As much as they love each other, two likeminded souls clash as well. My answer lies in not living together and play fair weather. Day by day…until we need someone who can take care of us.

Just my brain wave for today. Carry on.

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