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Solawave wand review part I

It’s all someone’s fault who purchased a Solawave wand during a BOGO sale. As any great friend would do; you accept the offer of buying the second one from her half price. Fair enough right? For the sake of research.

The recommended use is three times per week, for at least five minutes per session. You basically glide the wand in an outward direction along your cheeks, jaw and forehead. Some directions mention the neck, but avoiding the throat. That creeped me out a little so I don’t use it on my neck at all. It is also recommended under the eye, another area I personally avoid. This ara is so delicate, I rather leave that alone.

How it works? Something along the line of micro current and red light therapy. Therapeutic warmth (not heat!) temporarily de-puffs the skin. Low vibration provides a gentle massage. All of the above mentioned are claimed to be safe for your skin. I love the warmth and vibration, especially on my forehead. It is very relaxing!

My personal findings after sporadic short uses, since you all know I am not too dedicated to anything, surprised me. I have tried many things for the “smoker” lines around my lips and I don’t even smoke, plus the marionette lines due to some weight loss. The lines above our lip will reveal the true cause. After using this magic wand around my mouth for about 5 minutes one night before bed, I did a double take in my mirror in the morning. It made a very noticeable difference. Can you imagine what this thing can do when used 3 times a week for 30 days?

The “someone”’, who purchased these wands, is hooked too. She uses it more frequently and the results are incredible. My only issue so far is that the wand seems to need a break after using it for my dedicated 5 minutes around the lips. Maybe I need to charge it more often or it possibly does get overheated? I haven’t figured that part out yet.

The wand comes with Blue Tansy Oil. Let me rephrase that: an activating serum. It contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. But any facial oil will do, since the wand needs moisture to work. Thanks to my faithful Allure Beauty Box, I have plenty to try.

I can’t promise anything this month but I will dedicate 30 consecutive days to this magical device soon. I already love it! Can’t ask for more than instant results in my book. I share this love with many. Most reviews are positive. The only down side is that it’s not cheap. But it’s cheaper than a facial, and they are a one time deal. This magic wand will last for a while.

Stay tuned…

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