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WTH is purslane?

It’s a succulent. Normally this could end right here.

BUT this is not any succulent, this one has supposed super powers. It is packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids. This, as we all know, can prevent strokes and heart attacks.

What you may not know about Purslane that it may help you get rid of that bloated menopause belly. How you may wonder? (If not then skip to the next paragraph) An Omega-3 Fatty Acid known as DHA will reverse the harmful changes of belly fat caused by fructose. That lead to a while other blog: Estrogen belly

How do you get this succulent consumed? We’ll. Some grow it themselves and put it in salads. This stuff grows everywhere. The phone plant can be eaten; flowers, leaves, stems and all. Beware that there’s a hairy look alike out there which is toxic and not for consumption. Once I read that I decided to get Purslane supplements. I’m not lazy, just efficient. And just know myself too well!

Another pro: Purslane is loaded with Vitamin C. A possible pro which may be a con to some: it may have a laxative effect. All in all, as with everything else; moderation is key. Well, almost everything else!

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