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The truth about aqua?

The average American takes in about 47 gallons of bottled water a day, almost triple the amount of a few decades ago. Our parents barely gave water a thought. Do you recall a day when we were growing up when we were reminded to make sure to drink lots of water? I sure can’t.

It’s been an ongoing discussion about how much water we should drink. I myself have water anxiety; constantly keeping track of how much water I take in. So I asked my doc, her answer was almost identical to what my parents are preaching: you’re body gets in enough water throughout the day from food and beverages. In my case even my coffee and mostly through the amount of green leaves I put in my body. “Drink water when you feel like it”. Really? Eight glasses a day is way more than necessary.

I am not an expert BUT I do feel as if my body got used to my aqua in take. May just be me. When I wake up in the morning I feel better after drinking a bottle of water. I do think it’s common sense to drink more water on a hot day. But I will stick with the doc’s advice, since she is an expert after all.

Now, you do need moisture for our aging skin right? Achaa, once again, that is why we use moisturizers and sun block. Also please continue to slap on that baby oil or lotion on damp skin after a shower. This will trap in the needed water for your skin.

Some claim drinking water contributes to weight loss. Only if you substitute your soda by water or if you drink water during a meal since it will fill you up more quickly. It is not going to magically flush fat out of your body.

Since I have nothing else on my bevy list besides coffee, water and the occasional glass of wine, I will continue my water intake as usual. I will just be less frantic about it. I may save some money on my water bill by not flushing 20 times a day. That’s what water seemed to trigger the most; constant trips to the bathroom. Just peeing out water apparently, not the fat from the consolation doughnut I treated myself to this morning. Oh well!

Well played by the bottled water companies, they are making a fortune off of us. Although I am not afraid of tap water. Some claim this to be better than bottled water, depending on what country you live in of course. But that’s a whole other blog!

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