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Fall 2023 Must Haves

I’m a little slow with my fall fashion input as I’m trying to cling on to my summer gear for dear life. My spring blogs usually pop up early January on the other hand.

These are just my observations, I have not checked out the fall fashion predictions in the various magazines yet. One trend is undeniable, which still doesn’t mean I will join in; the cowboy boots. In all varieties; ankle, mid calve and knee height. Over the summer they were hot with shorts or dresses which easily translates into Fall. Once the temperature drops they will go great with tights and skirts or the other must have: wide legged jeans.

The last mentioned; I will wear. I like the high waisted ones with a straight wide leg. Even though a lower waist is really cool in this style too. If you’re like me and your passing on cowboy boots with jeans; then try them with a platform sneaker or a heeled boot. In order to not make these jeans look frumpy, style them with cropped sweaters or tops, ideally the ones that fall right on the waist line. No bare mid rif needed to pull this look off but try to keep the waist line exposed to ensure an elongated silhouette.

Other trends I will gladly reengage in are the cargo pants and jumpsuits . The pants are comfy and oddly sexy if you style them the right way. The jumpsuits are at times less comfortable and there’s always that being half naked in the bathroom issue but can also be sexy. Both pair remarkably well with heels. Which I know may take away the comfort level. Sneakers will be just fine too. Once again keep the top tighter, or pair with a bodysuit. You may even show a little mid rif if you like.

I will embrace the four seasons. It will be Spring again in a blink!

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