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Things I don’t leave home without

And it’s not my Amex. I test a lot of products, which is not always great for your skin. I usually don’t see a lot of change when I use them but I do notice a difference when I stop using it. That seals the deal for me.

The first has been on my list for a while now. I decided to live dangerously and switch it up. My switch up was not a cheap, generic substitute. It was a legit name brand product. I had faith in Dr.Perricone since I love some of their other products but for my neck I’m sticking with old faithful Strivectin. My neck resorts back to sagging the moment I stop using TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream by StriVectin. Since I’m on the road a lot, I purchase the travel sizes too.

It doesn’t come cheap, but I keep an eye on sales. Sometimes I also luck out at Marshall’s even though you may get fooled there since the size of the jar is smaller than the box may insinuate. You’re best bet is to keep an eye on the Strivectin

Top is 39, bottom 53

Up next; Eye Believe by LimeLife. No lie, this product contains a substance that mimics Botox. LimeLife click link for more info. The picture above shows my hooded eyelids. The big difference is that in the top picture I am 39, without LimeLife Eye Believe. The bottom one I’m 53 with this product.

I recently added the LimeLife Eye Arise serum to the mix and now even use their reusable eye patches. It all adds up to be pretty amazing. We all know that hooded eyelids are there to stay unless you resort to surgery, but this may keep you away from the knife for a little while longer. Keep in mind that the serum works best when you spray your face with a mist of water. It will literally suck in that moisture. If you don’t spritz, chances are the opposite may occur. The serum is the depuffer. The cream; the crepe attacker and lifter.

They now are available in a gift box, together with the reusable patches. I am not an affiliate it I will warn you; this stuff sells out fast!

Meanwhile I will keep searching for other keepers in my daily skin care routine. Stay tuned!

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