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Samples II

Today is a sample day. I may appear a bit more yellow than normal due to my foundation sample, my skin may be a little drier because of my sampler for oily skin and my bags a little tighter as a result of an amazingly expensive eye cream sample….

My love for my Allure Beauty Box runs deep #allurebeautybox. And I hereby solemnly swear that I won’t buy anything that I already have a ton of in my sample collection. Plus I don’t travel enough to hold on to any of the “travel sizes” for that purpose. Samples

Allure is very generous with the full sizes as well. Also a great marketing scheme because you will get used to a certain luxury, like this amazing facial scrub. It is made with almonds and gives me an instant marzipan craving.

Oh my bad! They are walnuts…either way I crave cookies after I use this. Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub. It will set you back about $28.00 which I believe is worth it. Although St.Ives scrubs will most likely work just as well. But this smells sooooo good!

I am also a “beauty enthusiast” at Walgreens, not a self-proclaimed one but a label Walgreens has granted me. I have saved a lot of money at Walgreens by collecting points and not having to clip coupons since you can add these to your card. Most of these chain drug stores are more expensive but you have to play your (reward) cards right! Another perk is that they will send you a goodie bag with a purchase every once in a while loaded with samples and yay (!) full size products.

This is how I got my hands on this stuff!

I probably would have never bought this but it is amazing. You rub it on dry skin and then rinse it off. It not only feels smooth on your skin it literally does melt away your make-up. I usually test this with a cotton ball with a cleanser just to see how much make up is actually left on my skin. After using this Pond’s cold cream the cotton ball was clean. This stuff costs around $10.00 which is a total steal!

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