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Landing strip

I post my blog on numerous social media outlets. I  keep track of the stats, to see which are the best days and times to posts….the best subjects….and I love you guys because the blogs about food, fashion and anything slightly inappropriate get the most attention! Those three topics just happen to be my favorite things as well so I will continue that trend!

An Irish au-pair told me and a German au-pair what a “Woogit” was back in the early 90’s. My German friend found this so amusing that my Irish friend actually got a necklace made for her with this word in beautiful italic script. I am sure that sparked a lot of conversations during her unfortunately way too short life.

The opinions vary….I don’t want to look like a 12 year old girl down there but others swear by it. So then the next question is; how to get rid of it? Once again for the sake of research…..

The varieties we can choose from are full Brazilian, Brazilian with stripe or Brazilian with triangle. You may choose to get any of these varieties by ways of laser hair removal. The plus of laser hair removal is that you will have no razor bumps or ingrown hairs…the down sides are the price, the pain and the awkwardness of a tech all in your hooha….my annual visit to the Gyno is uncomfortable enough, thank you very much. What always cracks me up in this country is that the doc or tech will leave the room when you undress, then you cover yourself with a paper drape which they use as a tent…how is this supposed to give me more privacy? I have seen it before!

Waxing is also an effective way to maintain your preferable version of a Brazilian. I would not recommend doing this yourself. It may cause your skin to bruise ever so slightly, therefore don’t do this the morning of your planned beach day.

Someone recommended Bikini Zone which surprisingly did the trick as well as Nair Shower Power Max Hair Removal. You can get pretty close with this stuff but try to keep it away from entrance/exit ways. Use this once a week and touch up with a razor in between to keep it nice and neat.

When it comes to shaving make sure you use clean blades. You may also exfoliate the skin slightly before putting a razor to it, and always use a shaving gel. We all know to shave with the direction of the hair growth in order to avoid bumps right? The funniest thing was that I read somewhere to not shave anywhere you can’t see. So ladies there is no way to shave your derriere safely…

Some women choose not to mow the lawn at all which is perfectly “in” again although I wouldn’t recommend it during bathing suit season…There is a point to pubic hair; a reason to keep the bush (but slightly trimmed please like a Bonsai) Pubic hair relates to pheromones, these are scents that the body produces that can be sexually stimulating to others….there is a whole complicated biological explanation for this for those of you who are interested….Google is an amazing resource. The historical point of pubes was to keep your privates warm….I wonder if people in warmer climates have less….things that make me go mmmm…

Then there is of course the theory that hair keeps our hooha’s protected from dirt and infections….like your nose hair does….but that theory doesn’t fly for men….mmmm..






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