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SIO Patches Review

It was as if Gigi was whispering to me through several different social media sites. “Use SIO Beauty patches to wake up wrinkle free”….How you may ask? “These patches create a micro climate that helps the skin hydrate, plump and rejuvenate itself”. That explains why you can rinse them off and you can reuse them up to 15 times, because they are made out of silicone. I was wondering about that earlier.

Two things before I go into this review. One; there is a reason why you don’t test products the day before you have to go out the door the next day. Secondly; I used to have a neighbor who would sleep with tape on her forehead. How do I know this? Because she used to come out in her robe calling her 9 cats in for breakfast. I tried to avoid this daily routine but unfortunately I could not steer away from this feast everyday.

The reason for this second tale is as follows; my crazy neighbor may have been related to Gigi, because I believe the principal is the same. When you sleep you tend to moosh your face in a pillow, some frown as they snooze, one of my friends sleeps with a duck face all night and literally has to pull her lips apart in the morning. She will remain anonymous…My point is that all these actions will eventually create creases and wrinkles right? By forcing your skin to not crease by either tape or patches you may be able to keep the wrinkles down to a minimum. Just my train of thought..

You can see where I went wrong here the night before!

The reason for my first remark? Be careful in your placement of theses patches. I for one have saggy cheeks which I accidently folded in this patch overnight. This created a reversed effect; my cheek crease was molded into my face when I woke up. I managed to the same thing along the side of my eye. I created a perfect crease by getting my skin folded in the eye patch  somehow

For damage control I reapplied the patches I had on my eyes to my chipmunk cheek crease for about an hour which seemed to eventually allow my skin to decrease. The line by my eye I managed to cover up with a side swoop of my hair.

This is not a bad review by the way. When (!) applied properly these patches are powerful. The lines above my lip almost vanished. I just intend to use them differently now from experience. I am going to cut the lip patches into a smaller size so they will only cover the part above and below my lips. I will not have them cover my cheeks anymore. I will most likely not leave them on all night because unless you sleep on you back all night I believe that creating folds under these patches are almost unavoidable. I will not use them around my eyes either since you will have to tug to get them off and I was thought that that is never a good thing around the eye area. You may apply them to your crow feet though, I will give that another shot.

I am by no means an expert but these patches are good for an instant fix not necessarily an “anti-aging” product. I will keep messing with them since I can reuse them 15 times! I will keep you up to date…

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