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Lip mask review

Yes…lip masks…as mentioned before; your lips don’t have oil producing glands. And no, licking them doesn’t help! Bring on the lip masks! I am more concerned with the “barcode” above my lip but apparently moisture is the best way to combat this as well.

I was intrigued by these kissable Rose Lip Masks. Trust me, no one wants to kiss you when you put this on. It looks absolutely ridiculous but they are so much fun. They are “botanical-infused” lip masks from the Korean brand Kocostar, they are priced around $5.00. I am not quick to give a bad review but this actually seemed to dry out my lips more….but…everything ain’t for everybody! You may love these. Let me know if you have a better experience.

My favorite one so far is the Laneige lip sleeping mask. I slap this stuff on all day long. It looks like a lip gloss and smells pretty. Since it is shiny, you may want to limit the lathering to your lips during the day and go nuts with it at night. It claims to moisturize and fight the lines, so you might as well get it all in. The average price is $20.00 which seems a lot for a small jar like this but it will last a while.

Kiehl’s buttermask for lips comes in as a runner up. It is a little more expensive at $26.00 but I seem to get the same results as the aforementioned. You can lather it on as an all night treatment or as a 15 minute mask for a quick fix. It is made with Fair Trade Coconut butter, which my mother applauds, and wild mango butter. Sounds amazing right?

Patchology Flash Patch Lip Mask

Another one in my top 3 is the Patchology Flash Patch. I reviewed the eye patch in my previous blog and I like the Kiss Patch as well. It’s not a miracle worker but it hydrates your lips and makes for fun pictures.

Next thing on my list to try are feet masks. They scare me! I have the one that one that actually claims to peel the layers off your feet. Is that even a supposed to happen? That skin is there for a reason right? But I will suffer through it for the sake of research!

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