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Under Eye Care

Granted I am not your average almost 50 year old. I get about 5 hours of sleep on a Saturday night due to my friends who share my Peter Pan Syndrome. I smile a lot and yes, I also cry a lot. What can I say; I am a sensitive chick! Plus I like sun….completely doomed right? I have always had bags under my eyes even as a toddler. Thanks to my genes and smile these are now underlined by wrinkles. Or shall we call them laugh lines?

I thought I was a lost cause for any under eye care wrinkle-fading-bag-reducing-age-defying potion out there. I even bought a sample of LaMer online, expecting miracles from this normally $250.00 cream. Needless to say, these miracles didn’t happen for me.

BAM! Unfiltered….Before Pic.

It all depends on your individual under eye issue. Mine need moisture, they tend to look dry and shriveled up. Even after using all of the good stuff. Until I came across Clinique’s Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro Filler Concentrate. 96 hours?!? I would be happy with about 8, so I decided to give it a shot. Clinique defines it as a “cushiony water-gel”, that it sure is. It claims to instantly re-flood, tighten and brighten and I truly believe they are on to something.

You can use it under your make up or as a three minute eye mask. A gentle massage of this goo will help reduce bags. All you need is a pea size, therefore the $34.00 is money well spent. Make sure you don’t pull and tug, we have been over this before! your finger gently to break the pink and green ball-thingies before applying it to your eye (I honestly just read this, so maybe this stuff is even better than I thought!) This helps release the vitamin C and E. There is also hyaluronic acid involved which makes your skin smoother, prepping it perfectly for any concealer and eye make up.

Unfiltered after a week….

I’m not sure if my daily blob of vitamin C has anything to do with the results but frankly my dear; I think I found a winner!

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