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Flawless Dermaplane Glo

I am going to smack somebody if these leads to full beard growth. But I was assured this would not be the case. I am blessed with a fair share of peach fuzz, the amount of this seems to be genetically determined. Of course this too, increases with age. In comes; dermaplaning . The art of female face shaving.

This process is claimed to be misunderstood. I didn’t get it either. Dermaplaning is actually a simple exfoliation technique with the added bonus of peach fuzz removal. I was always under the impression that hair will come back thicker once shaved. This is a myth, it is “biologically impossible for hair to grow back thicker after shaving”. I am still going to smack somebody….

I didn’t want to waste any money so I took my chances with the Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glo. Not sure if the Glo refers to the LED light or your skin afterwards. It comes with 6 replacement blades. These blades are good for one use. Not bad for a little under 20 bucks.

I wasted the first 3 because I did not read the instructions. The first time I literally brushed my face. Long strokes in the growth direction of my hair. Needless to say; this did not work. I then read the instructions which indicated to use short “feathery” strokes. With the image of the Geico Neanderthaler in mind, I may have feathered my strokes too much. I also held the razor vertical to my face, both are not the proper way to use this tool.

You are supposed to keep your skin slightly taut and “scrape” your skin in feathery strokes, on a slant. Almost as in the same fashion you would scrape a carrot. I really need to vlog about this. At the risk of oversharing but it is insane how much fuzz came off my skin. But this is not the initial purpose of this process. It is supposed to get rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking younger and brighter…sans peach fuzz! Win-Win! I will promise full disclosure if or when hair grow comes in darker.

After using it your face will feel slightly irritated therefore its definitely recommended to do this before you go to bed so your skin can rest afterwards. For now it feels nice and smooth….

Five days in…still smooth…

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