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Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer

I know, I know…I have been there, done that…Collagen Review but nothing works better than a very radiant Jennifer Aniston in a commercial to give this another shot.

I went with the Coffee Creamer. The Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer that is. It has 10 grams of collagen per serving and made with coconut milk powder. It claims to give a delicious boost of collagen and flavor to a hot cup of coffee or tea. Since collagen is far from delicious, this statement is only partially true. It does not make your coffee taste any better. If you are used to creamer in your coffee I would suggest adding some of your own.

I also try to stir in my own creamer with the powder before placing it under my Keurig since it doesn’t mix too easily. You will have a lumpy cup of coffee. Bear with me, it is not all bad news. One more thing though; for those of you who count calories, two scoops of this contains 140 calories. Not for that reason but just because I didn’t read the directions; I started with one scoop daily.

The great thing about the right products containing collagen is that the results will show within a matter of days. Your nails will love you, they will almost instantly become less brittle. My hair grows faster too and my skin looks healthier. Collagen is also beneficial to your bones and joints which at this age is priceless as well.

Therefore all and all a win. Once you overlook the aforementioned cons. If you have caught up on my previews collagen blogs you will know that I stopped taking this because of the amazing hair growth factor. I had hair in places I have never had it before. All this is manageable even the peach fuzz. I have tried Flawless Dermaplane Glo as well as derma blading. Once aging, this is beneficial to your skin as well since it gets rid of the top layer of dead skin, which in turn will give your skin a healthy glow sans vellus hair. The other luxury problem that comes from hair growth is the increase in root touch ups. Gladly these are all not life threatening cons.

I will continue taking this until I start looking like Cousin It again. A wise man told me it also beneficial to stop taking collagen for a few months after you have used it for about a year….followed by a long scientific reasoning…but he is renowned therefore I will take his word for it.

Last but not least, remember collagen is not absorbed by your skin therefore oral supplements are the way to go, not the face creams that contain collagen. Mannn remember when we just washed our face and kept it moving back in the day? This is work! Thank you Jen!

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