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SIO Patch review part two

A much needed follow up on the SIO patches. I can’t believe that was a year ago already when I woke up with even more deep creases due to incorrect placement of these patches. Maybe it is due to a slightly less rushed current lifestyle that I was able to give this another shot.

When someone says; I have good news and bad news…which would you prefer to hear first? The bad right? It’s more bad news for me personally but as we know the skin underneath your eyes gets thinner by the minute. Caution is always advised when it comes to applying any product on this delicate area. No tugging, pulling….slight tapping is preferred. Therein lies the slight problem with my personal opinion with the SIO eyepatch.

Once you put them on, you are fine. It’s removing them that freaked me out a little bit. i did remove them as slow as possible but it is tugging on the thin skin. I have mentioned before that my eyes are a lost cause anyway. I am a generally happy camper, therefore my laugh lines are deep. The area underneath my eyes is as thin as can be. I have yet to find the right product for that.

Honestly these weren’t it for me, maybe they are made for slightly younger skin. I don’t believe there was a direct result even though I did place them directly under my eye this time. These patches will work on crow feet, see my first blog. Just make sure you pull your skin taut before applying the patches. Sleeping on your back is also highly recommended!

OK the good news! Besides my eyes, my non-smoking “smoking-lines” above my lip are also on my lists of quests to conquer. This time I pulled my crease tight before I put on the patch. In order to avoid my mishap from last year. Next I tried to sleep on my back as much as I could. Maybe this is why my bags were still very much apparent in the morning from lack of sleep. The moment you roll on your side you may create an unwanted crease under the patch. Oh the things we do! This time I was pleasantly surprised in the morning. The lip bar-code appeared to have vanished. Until I smiled of course, but even then it was less visible.

The next question is; how long does this last? Keep in mind that if used and stored properly, the patches can be re-used 15 times. In my honest opinion, you will most likely have to use them several times a week. Since, my non expert opinion (!!), your skin will fall back into it’s original state. For 15 uses these patches are not a bad deal.

A lot of reviewers rave about the neck patch. I have not tried this yet and would also be concerned with my neck posture as I am sleeping. The fore head patch I will pass on all together, my thinking lines have been deep since I was little and that WTF crease in between my eyes is a permanent line as well. I do believe that the fore head patch will most be the easiest one to apply and get results from. Mmmmm…(read thinking lines appearing) nah, that would be a waste of money. Let me know if any of you had any luck with that one!

Meanwhile, lines and wrinkles create character. They tell the story of a life lived in whatever way shape or form. I, like most females, sometimes will have an issue with the whole aging process but it’s going to happen regardless. We are just trying to make the best of it and look our best whle we’re at it!

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