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Saint Tropez Self Tanner

I cheated on James….Janes Read that is. As much as I love their Coconut Oil Tanning Balm, I could not resist my sample of St.Tropez Bronzing Water Gel.

My one issue with James was the potent smell that will linger in your sheets. I realize I can simply wash them orrrrr use something with a more pleasant odor. Mind you; this is personal! You may love the smell of coconut all night long. But in my case this is a point for St. Tropez.

You will need gloves for both products. I happened to have the tanning mitten that St.Tropez sells which made this application very easy. It is an oil like substance that is easily absorbed by your skin. Both products will leave your skin moisturized. Although with James Read it feels more like a skin “treatment”. The coconut oil is richer and is greasier, therefore giving your body an all night hydration treat. I will give them both points for the application process. I apply about a half hour before bedtime. Both claim to show results within 3 hours.

The results are both equally amazing although I feel like St.Tropez gives a slightly deeper tan. James Read will give you more of a glowing tan. Personal preference counts here. I will continue to use both since the winter months are so drab. A little tan makes we feel a little sunnier.

They are both also not cheap. St.Tropez bronzing water gel will set you back about $44.00. James Read around $35.00. Be on the look out for sales though. Never pay full price.

Side note: your face. Can’t forgot that because it would look silly to have your face 4 shades lighter. I still stand by James Read Sleep Mask Tan Face. Use this once a week for a healthy glow. I guess I’m still loyal to James after all! James Read Self Tanners

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