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Quick AKAR Lip Restoration review

I get excited over instant results and love to share these! This stuff is not cheap but so worth it. Justify it by adding up all the lip balm purchases you make in the winter season. I was once again spoiled by my Allure Box.

I am a lip chewer. Especially when I’m driving, or deep in thought. I chew on my dimples when I’m anxious but there’s nothing I can do about that. My lips however, suffer from this bad habit. It ages my lips too, especially the bottom one. I have that “just ate spaghetti” lip thing going.

Back to AKAR lip restoration. It’s not too greasy to apply during the day but I still prefer to put it on before bedtime. Instant smooth lips in the AM. It gets the angelic aaaaah!!

Almost forgot, the price is $30.00 for a small tin. Check out Ebay or Poshmark for deals. And check out Lips for the Chapstick Conspiracy! Lips

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