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The Ordinary Foundation Serum review

I have never been one for full coverage make up but envy the ones who know how to apply this flawlessly. Maybe I just need some expert advice on that one day.

With this whole aging thing it gets trickier due to wrinkles and an increase in peach fuzz to apply make up without looking like it’s caked on. Primer is mentioned a lot and I will try that but it is not effective with my fave dr. Perricone tinted moisturizer. It’s silly to put a moisturizer over a primer, right?

With The Ordinary Foundation Serum I did not apply the primer first which is probably not necessary either because of its medium coverage. This stuff is very thin but therefore goes on smooth. I tried applying it with my finger tips as well as one of those overpriced make up sponges, both with the same even results. No “rolling” or caking in creases. My pores are still clearly visible but I consider that a good thing.

Creepy before and after…

I know it’s hard to pick a color while shopping on line but there is a Foundation Guide on the Deciem website. Another plus is that it won’t break the bank if you have to order two different shades to be on the safe side. Or run to your local Ulta to test the colors yourself. Please mask up while doing so!

This stuff comes in 21 shades, divided in three categories and separated into different shades. Good luck with that! Even after 50 years I still have no clue what my undertones are…I started with the 2.1 with pink undertones which matched surprisingly well. I did order another warmer one just to see the difference.

Next up: the coverage foundation. This will most likely cover my pores and look like I actually put make up on. Scary as this may sound, I will give it a shot!

Only downside to either one is to have to take it off at night. Yaiks! I may save this stuff for special occasions and stick to my tinted moisturizer for my daily routine.

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