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To bra or not to bra….

A perk of working from home is the ability to go braless. Or will this in the long run effect the perk….if you know what I mean. So many puns I could use but I kept the silliness to one…

This is going to be a confusing one…some say that long term effects of not wearing a bra, no matter what size, will cause your breasts to sag. Others say that going braless can actually strengthen the pectoral muscles in the chest to help support the breasts ultimately giving them more improved muscle tone and breast shape. Mmmm, maybe if you never put one on when you were developing?

The overall message is to keep the girls lifted in a bra during the day. For the more endowed amongst us, it is a more serious issue. Letting big girls hang loose can actually cause stress on your shoulders. They can literally pull you down, causing your shoulders to roll forward, putting strain on your neck, shoulders and upper back. It’s funny cause you may not notice the additional strain because the freedom from confinement probably mentally overrules.

Is it ok to leave your bra on at night? Seriously asking for a friend! It is not, the experts say. It can actually disrupt your sleep due to the pressure of the bra and the lack of circulation. Why keep anything on at night? Roam free my friend.

Ultimately the journey which your boobs will travel depends on a few factors, although large breasts do contribute. The factors are; weight, genetics, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not sure what my future will look like since my mom seemed to have kept all the boobs to herself nor have I never had any babies. BUT they are still a perky B at fifty, yes I am bragging, and yes I am wearing a bra during the day. Just cause…I told you this was going to be a confusing one!

Conclusion: do what feels best to you! Ironically if those puppies do sag, you may always put your bra back on. Do not burn the bra just yet!


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