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That’s a thing now…WFH. Easily confused with a few other other acronyms but this one has become very popular. I have touched base on my first months at home #workfromhome but since then there are a few other things I have learned…

For starters; I have developed a new found love and respect for my fancy chair in my office. There is not a chair in this house that will comfortably seat one for 8 hours straight. Since this WFH stuff is not going to last I have not considered investing in a chair but have bought a stability ball. One that matches the decor.

The stability ball forces you to sit up right. This is not only better for your back but it engages the core! Besides that this thing is a lot easier on the buttocks as well. Which you’ll probably be squeezing too in order to regain control of your stability. Plus it is way cheaper than an office chair. It’s an overall win win.

One side note: size, in this case, does matter. The advice is to measure your chair height and add 4 inches…you may want to add more depending on your weight. My behind sank a little further than the predicted four inches. I ended up buying a ball with a 55 cm (roughly 22 inches) diameter but had to exchange it to a 65 cm (around 26 inches) one.

With or without ball, your body will tense up from extensive sitting. I once heard the rule of thumb; get up for 5 minutes after every hour you sit. I moved my office upstairs rather then the original place about 10 feet away from my kitchen. I make a point of going up and down the steps whenever I can. I allow myself to bring one object or cup of coffee up at once, forcing myself to walk back down to get a bottle of water later. It’s all about movement.

I need this!!!

Feel free to bust out some air squats or push-ups during your five minutes….but between the ball, the stairs , frequent walks and Barre…I think I got this!

Meanwhile we will just keep doing this WFH thing and make the best of it! And my mission is to find one of the fuzzy ones now!! So many things I can say…but I will leave it at this…

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