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Spring Must Haves

It all kinda boils down to the same thing every year….

First and foremost; a denim jacket! Faded, distressed, just a little “taight”. For that last reason I prefer to have a little stretch in my jacket. I just celebrated my 15 year anniversary with my favorite denim jacket.

Sneakers! She who would not be caught dead in them 10 years ago is now a sneaker hoarder. You can never go wrong with a fresh pair of white kicks. Just keep in mind that if you have pale ass legs like I do, stick with lighter shades since this will give you an optical illusion of longer legs. The same thing goes for all the funky open toed spring booties out there…wait with sporting your black ones until you lost your winter brightness unless you are already blessed with darker skin!

H&M $29.99

New on my list are flared jeans and even wide legged ones. I am completely down with this trend. The high waisted versions make everyone butt look amazing, and they will elongate even the shortest of legs. Plus hide the belly, just don’t plan on eating anything! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but skinnies are not really flattering on anyone. Especially not for your derriere. The high waisted skinnies are a blessing in disguise. Don’t get me wrong; I will still sport them but I am happy to have some variety in my jeans selection. Just pair them with a white t-shirt and a block heel and you are good to go!

Last but not least: crispy white shirts….t-shirts, tanks, button downs…I replace mine every spring. Especially since tanks are only 2 bucks at Forever 41, it doesn’t really break the bank. Why white? Because it reflects light and will brighten any skin tone. I have recently become addicted to bodysuits, they just stay tucked in perfectly. Although they still cause for some awkward bathroom situations. I believe we can wear tanks at our age. if they don’t like flabby pits they will look the other way! Please refer back to my tank blog for guidance

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