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Earth Day

Earth day was created to create awareness about environmental issues. A biggie is global warming, whether you believe in it or not.

How can us fashionistas participate, you may wonder? Well, purchase sustainable clothes for starters. Sustainable fashion is ethically made and environmentally friendly. They are made of natural fibers such as cotton, silk, bamboo and hemp. One of my favorite sustainable fabric is Lyocell. It’s a lightweight fabric made out of wood pulp.

It’s not as simple as just the fabric. There’s a lot more to it! From the production, think Fair Trade, to the packaging which should be biodegradable to the transportation. The latter I think is the most tricky. Holistically, sustainable fashion is a carbon-neutral industry built on equality, social justice and animal welfare.

Another term that comes up is “slow fashion”. Every clothing brand’s nightmare. It’s about producing high-quality clothes that will last longer, unlike the cheap and disposable items fast fashion brands produce. Yes this includes SHEIN. Slow fashion zeroes in on overproduction and overconsumption. Thrift stores are a better alternative than fast fashion. I do love a good consignment or thrift shop!

Overall, I am guilty as charged: I over consume and do not actively search for sustainable items. When the option is presented at one my fave places: H&M, I will opt for the sustainable item. I do, however, recycle my clothes. I either donate or consign. That does count for something too. Excuse me while I justify my own bad behavior…


Sustainability also pertains to beauty products. The easiest way to reduce the carbon footprint is to buy beauty products in recyclable packaging. Look for serums in a glass bottle for example. The Ordinary serums for example. When it comes to ingredients look for non-toxic, organic, natural skin care ingredients. Such as Palm Oil and Squalane (not Squalane!) WTH is Squalane?

It’s not the easiest route, I will admit. But if we all make an effort and are more aware; collectively we can make a difference. I am going to clean out my closet to honor Earth Day and recycle my overconsumptions. Happy Earth Day!

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